Mercy Njoki


Bachelors degree in education

Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Writing and sending monthly GGFAN newsletters.
  • Editing and updating the GGFAN and HOTGS social media pages .
  • Updating the GGFAN Website.
  • Support all staff with presentation design and critical eye for data visualisation communication.
  • Preparing Speeches and any other report as required.
  • Writing and replying organisational emails through the director.
  • Dealing with enquiries from the various organisation stakeholders.
  • Liaise with graphic designer and videographer to develop and produce communication materials.
  • Co-ordinate or lead communication related trainings or events for staffs or partners.
  • Managing search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly website content at  and other GGFAN managed  microsites: suggest areas for improvement and edit for consistency and accuracy.
  • Backstop the GOTGS and GGFAN blog by soliciting creative posts from staff and guest visitors, as well as editing and promoting content.
  • Editing and posting creative content on HOTGS and GGFAN facebook sites using translated technical content and updates.
  • Repurposing and creating fresh content for monthly newsletters and other direct communication.
  • Maintaining a collection of photos, graphics, icons, info graphics, data bites, and video clips for use in various digital content.
  • Regularly monitor website and social media metrics and analyse monthly.
  • Expand digital dissemination outlets for information sharing such as websites, social media, emails, e.t.c
  • Attending events as required.
  • Performing any other duties that may be assigned by the management.