Bishop Simon Mwaura And Rev Lucy Thuo


 Bishop Simon Mwaura and his wife Lucy Thuo are the General Overseers of GGFAN and the directors of the Home Of the Good Shepherd.They are married with three children. Simon had served as a teacher in various capacities with the ministry of education for over 10 years before resigning to answer the vocation as a Pastor.   After being taught on Global Focus by Rev. Dick McClain at Weddington UMC (NC) & Mt. Pisgah UMC (GA) Simon had a definite Call to reach the least reached and the unreached tribes with the Gospel of God’s Grace. He founded GGFAN 10 years ago in 2008 alongside a team of dedicated board members that work with them.    

Roles of the general overseer of God’s Grace for all nations include:

  1. communication- The general overseer communicates effectively within the organization and outside the organization. He casts the vision and communicates what what needs to be done to achieve the vision.
  2. Planning-The general overseer mobilizes the staff to plan what needs to be done based on the vision and the goals .
  3. The general overseer mobilizes resources both locally and internationally.
  4. The general overseer mobilizes the body of Christ both locally and globally to join GGFAN in its mission .
  5. The general overseer oversees all the GGFAN churches ensuring strict adherence to biblical teachings.
  6. The general overseer is involved in ensuring prudent use of all the resources that God entrusts to GGFAN.
  7. The general overseer is responsible for making monthly financial reports to all GGFAN stakeholders.
  8. The general overseer is responsible for sending a monthly newsletter to all GGFAN stakeholders.
  9. The general overseer is responsible for building and maintaining teamwork among the various groups within the ministry
  10. The general overseer is responsible for teaching and mentoring new and existing leaders within the organization
  11. The general overseer is responsible in ensuring all the different entities within GGFAN operate within acceptable legal, political and cultural framework
  12. The general overseer is responsible for encouraging and motivating the staff and the pastors as they discharge their duties.

As the director of Home Of The Good Shepherd (HOTGS), his roles include:

  1. To ensure the vision and mission of the HOTGS are followed
  2. To be the father to all the children at the home of HOTGS
  3.  To ensure that all the children are treated well as stipulated in the children’s act.
  4. To ensure that all the physical, spiritual and emotional needs are met.
  5. To ensure that all the funds and other resources given to HOTGS are utilized well.
  6. To mobilize resources for the running of the home.
  7. To ensure financial reports are generated and sent to donors every month .
  8. To ensure that proper governance is being followed.
  9. Ensure the Board of Directors meets once every four months.
  10. To mentor the leadership at HOTGS

As the Director of Little Lambs Academy, his roles includes:

  1. To ensure the mission and vision of the school are followed and worked upon.
  2. To ensure the school follows the rules and regulations that govern schools in Kenya.
  3. To ensure that all the resources are utilized in a prudent way.
  4.  To ensure that all the children are treated with dignity as stipulated in the children act.
  5. To ensure proper governance of the school.
  6. To ensure the board meets at least three times in a year.
  7. To mentor the leadership in the school