We also run the Home of the Good Shepherd, a charitable children's institution for orphaned and vulnerable children. The Home of the Good Shepherd's mission is to care for, develop and nurture orphaned and vulnerable children in the community. 

Our Vision is to have all our children attend school and be educated to become self-dependent adults. We presently have a population of 72 children with 

  • 8 attending College or University
  • 25 attending High School 
  • 39 attending Elementary School. 

The College/University students live away from the home as do most of the High School students. All the children in grades 1-6 live full-time at the home. 

Construction is currently underway building Little Lambs Academy, a school for the children at the Home of the Good Shepherd. We also have friends and partners who have been supporting our children and ensuring that they're well educated by paying their school fees and providing for some of their needs. 

Life in the Home Of The Good Shepherd

When the children are home from school, they spend their life at Home of Good Shepherd just as any normal home and help in the various chores and activities of the home under the guidance of the staff. You can watch the following video to have a real feel of the life at the Home. 

Home of the Good Shepherd video

Home of the Good Shepherd was started in 2007 and on 2017 we celebrated our 10th Anniversary . 

We thank God for his love and faithfulness.  See the impact He is making in the lives of our children.


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